About Us

     As a native of Florida, Cheryl has been involved in the stormwater, erosion and sediment control profession since 1985.  During her years of experience in the construction industry, her responsibilities have ranged from Florida Department of Transportation project coordination, site evaluations, NPDES inspections, design proposals and cost estimating.  Although, materials utilized for Best Management Practices and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are her primary area of expertise, she has owned and operated her own business since 2005 and focuses on education and training of regulatory requirements as well. 

     She has been a State Certified Inspector since 1999 and a State Certified Trainer since 2002 for the FDEP Stormwater, Erosion, and Sedimentation Inspector Program.  She has taught more classes and has certified more people than any other trainer in the state.  In addition, she is an FDEP Advanced Inspector and has taught a number of the FDEP Train the Trainer Programs.  She is also certified through the FDEP as a Green Industries Certification Trainer. 

     As of February 2007, she was contracted by the Florida Stormwater Association to teach the Level I and Level II Stormwater Operator’s Certification Course and the Best Management Practices Selection Program.  

  She is a licensed continuing education provider through the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation, Florida Board of Professional Engineers, Florida Association of Code Enforcement and the Florida Board of Floodplain Managers.  

In addition, she is an author for Stormwater One’s online training certification programs. 


Direct Line: 813.363.5787