FSESCI Tier I & Tier II Training Class Schedule

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspectors Manual is divided into two tiers that focus on Best Management Practice (BMP) Installers  (Tier I) and Qualified BMP Inspectors (Tier II). The class follows the curriculum provided in the Tier I and Tier II manuals in sequence, and will help individuals improve their knowledge of how to properly manage the impacts from suspended solids, turbidity, nutrients (i.e., nitrogen and phosphorus), and other surface water contaminates.

Classes are not based on location availably and/or number of attendees.  All classes will proceed at predetermined times, dates and locations!

Registered for a class and can't attend?  No Problem, you can send someone to take your place, or, a "Class Credit" will be applied for one of our other training dates!

Training Calendar

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We have a minimum of one class a month scheduled throughout the year.

Please check back, new classes will be scheduled based upon demand.

2020 Calendar Overview:

All classes listed below are available for registration on the link referenced above.

January, 9th, 16th, 30th:  Tampa

February 13th:  Tampa

March 10th & 11th:  Polk County 

March 12th:  Tampa

April 2nd:  Sarasota

April 16th:  Tampa

May 7th:  Tampa

June 4th:  Tampa

July 16th:  Tampa

August 13th:  Tampa

September 10th:  Tampa

October 8th:  Tampa

November 5th:  Tampa

November 18th:  Sarasota

December 10th:  Tampa